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Past Aways: Facedown in the Timestream TPB

Past Aways: Facedown in the Timestream TPB


When five deep-time explorers find themselves stranded in the distant past of 2015, they’re forced to adapt to a primitive world of iPhone 6s and cars that can’t even drive themselves. But when a rift in space-time starts spitting out dinosaurs, giant robots, and other strange phenomena, only the marooned “pastaways” can defend the twenty-first century from the terrors of the timestream!


“Matt Kindt and Scott Kolins collaborate to create an entertainingly irreverent story of bored time-travelers trapped here with us cavepeople.”—Multiversity Comics

“Kindt’s books are like one giant box of chocolate, but more often than not you’re going to get something that is not only ‘out there’ but something that is also meticulously thought out, designed and executed.”—All-Comic

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