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Deluxe MIND MGMT Board Game

Deluxe MIND MGMT Board Game


Here's your opportunity to get the deluxe version of the MIND MGMT Board "Game!" You can have it shipped to you now! 


The Deluxe edition has:

  • Game Trayz inserts to keep everything organized, including a fold-out wallet for all the SHIFT System packages
  • All 4 agents and all 4 Immortals are wooden tokens, with colour printing on both sides. This is also true for any characters that may appear in the SHIFT system.
  • The Mental Note Tokens are plastic discs -- 30mm mini-poker chip size. They will be dry-erasable too.
  • The Mental Screen will be made out of 2 mm board, and it will have 4 pockets on the inside to always have your Recruiter card and 3 Feature cards visible
  • Mayhem tokens, Step tokens, Mind Slip tokens, and Time token are all wood tokens.


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