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Hairball Deluxe/SUPER Deluxe - Signed and Sketched (PRE-ORDER)

Hairball Deluxe/SUPER Deluxe - Signed and Sketched (PRE-ORDER)

PriceFrom $60.00

A brand-new supernatural nightmare that's Junji Ito meets Hayao Miyazaki from the Eisner-nominated creators of Fear Case and Apache Delivery Service


A young girl with a black cat begins to suspect the innocuous beast is behind all her troubles: her parents' fighting, family plagues, and innumerable supernatural horrors. As she tries her best to rid herself of this creature, she discovers that maybe the cat is not evil after all and a greater terror may be behind these horrific events harming her life.


Collects Hairball #1-#4 in a deluxe, hardcover die-cut format featuring faux cat fur. Hairball is the latest release from Flux House Books, a new boutique imprint that will feature the writing (and sometimes) art of acclaimed comics creator Matt Kindt, with crime, science fiction, horror, and humor stories, all told and presented in startling and untraditional ways.


This edition of Hairball is covered in a super soft, fuzzy (fake) fur cover!


Deluxe Option ($60): Will be signed and sketched!

SUPER Deluxe Option ($100): Will include a watercolor 4x6 portrait of your pet! Doesn’t have to be a cat!  (Email PDF picture of your pet at


Format: FC, 152 pages; HC; 6 5/8" x 10 3/16"


Expected to ship in December (not guaranteed before Christmas)

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