Mind MGMT Vol. 6

Mind MGMT Vol. 6

“The quality is simply sublime.” —Comic Book Resources

Every sacrifice has led to this! Meru gathers her allies against the Eraser’s new MIND MGMT regime, but the final fight can’t be won with bullets or blades—this is a battle of minds! Collects MIND MGMT #31–#35 and NEW MGMT #1!

* New York Times bestseller!

* Foreword by Greg Rucka!

“For the past three years . . . MIND MGMT has been thrilling readers with a story about espionage and psychics. It has also been working very, very hard to make its readers paranoid conspiracy theorists.”—Joshua Rivera, Entertainment Weekly

“MIND MGMT is one of comics’ best-kept secrets . . . I wish that everyone was reading this fantastic series.”—Greg McElhatton, Comic Book Resources
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    168 page hardcover with spot varnish on cover and back cover